It takes a villiage?

I came up with the idea of doing this cooking co-op one time with a good friend who was looking for ways to save money. My initial idea was basically this — I cook almost every night for myself and my kiddo, and I’m decent at it. Why not have my friend come eat with us every night — or, since we’re both busy individuals, if he can’t make it to our house (an annoying 15 minute drive across town in GOOD traffic), why not just save out a portion of whatever I make into a Tupperware or mason jar, and let him eat it whenever and wherever it was convenient. I could do this without spending ANY extra a lot of the time, since I always cook plenty of food, which my kid and I are likely to finish on our own if it’s just us, but we shouldn’t, if you know what I’m sayin’. Other times, the cost increase would be minimal, compared to how much money (let alone time and effort) my friend would save.

But then I evolved the idea one step further. What if I provided dinners for my friend two thirds of the time (there are two in my household and one in his) and he returned the favor every third time (every third dinner, or every third week, or however we end up wanting to do this). He suggested we include another mutual friend, who’s vegan and gluten free, which would force us all to eat a lot healthier (something he does anyway and I wish I did). So I’m kind of excited to try this out. It will save all of us money, encourage me to eat healthier and in more reasonable portions, discourage me from dining out too often (further money and health saving!), and likely decrease food waste pretty dramatically. So I’m going to present this idea and see how well it works.

Another friend (the gluten free vegan one) recently asked me if I’d like to have a roommate. I have never wanted a roommate, but I feel like this girl would actually be a great influence on me, for lots of reasons, and wouldn’t take advantage of me (essential quality in a roommate). She gets along great with the kiddo, she said she’d help me take care of him, help clean, help teach kiddo to clean, run him around places, and just generally help out. She even offered to detail my car. Granted, this would all be in lieu of her being able to commit to a payment amount (she does a lot of freelance work and promised she’ll give me what she can), but I’ve been begging the Universe for help managing my life, so this might be the answer to everything I’ve been asking for. And if it’s not, my friend said she has other places to go, and she won’t feel bad at all if I tell her at any point that it’s not working out. And she’s one of the few people I would believe about something like that.

So my life is getting crazy right now, and I’m kind of digging it. I used to always joke that I was a hippie in my last lifetime — or that I came back when I did and was so bummed that I was too young to be a part of the hippie movement (ok, that last part didn’t used to be a joke). So I suppose it makes sense that I’m finding ways to incorporate some aspects of that life. I’ll let you know how well that all works out… stay tuned!

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