On Conditionality

Today, the world looks and feels like an entirely new place. My whole life, my Dad would tell me that “things always look better in the morning.” No matter how dark the night, no matter the situation, the Sun returns, and life continues, renewed with every dawn. I’m drinking my coffee black today as I gaze out the window, at a day that’s deceptively bright and beautifully hopeful. The crisp air outside feels more like fall than late spring, but who am I to complain? It’s refreshing. I wrap a blanket around my shoulders and try to refocus my mind. The Warsaw real estate experts at Julie Hall are coming over today to  show me some potential new homes and I’d like to have a clear head. 

I want to help everyone. I want to make a difference in the world. I’ve recently been told I do this, which makes me feel wonderful. But I must resist the temptation to impose — it is not mine to try to hack into the deaf ears of those who have not asked me to intervene. It creates resistance in those individuals, thus helping to cement them in their position, rather than pulling them out of it. We cannot be “rescued” from our view of the world until we are ready and willing to leave it behind. I know this from my experience of myself, and those I’ve had with others. To love people unconditionally means to let go the attachment to their mental state, and to love them regardless — as I have been so fortunate as to have received, in my life. And I feel that the key to that must surely be to not take any of their worldview onto myself — not to enter their bubble, so to speak; for it is not that they need me to agree with them, either. I must hold my own space, and to be the Cause, not the effect any longer. I must silently radiate the feeling of love to them. If and when they ask, I’ll be here.

Tonight I will reach higher still in my consciousness. Mondays are my favorite nights, because on Mondays I Am given the opportunity to be of Service to all Life, and I Am forever grateful for this opportunity.