I was allowed to see myself

Through your eyes, today.

I’ve often wondered how people

View me —

But you —

You adore me

And it’s clear enough I can see it.

Is that what I did to you?

How I made you feel so wonderful?

Because it is wonderful.

When another one loves us

(Yes, I said it.)

so clearly, so sincerely,

that we may feel it, and the reasons why-

we’re freed to love those aspects of




And the clinginess, the addictive grasping,

Is released into dust, when I Know:

I see God shining through you.

I love those qualities of your Presence

And I’m overjoyed to see them in your Outer.

…And you adore me so Because

You can see God in me.

Which delights me Because

That is exactly What I aspire to radiate.

Thank you for your impact on me



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